• Our Values & Approach

    We deliver solutions by blending engineering expertise, experience, creativity and practicality. We’re enthusiastic and pragmatic, and our clients cite our technical skill and communicative approach as among our strongest assets.

    This has led to long-term relationships with Clients and other industry professionals. It is our mission to create ‘Environments for Life’, working with clients to help them define their vision, through to delivery on site to managing the end product throughout its life cycle.

    We take nothing for granted, questioning assumptions to ensure we provide the best solutions.

    Design focus

    We can make the greatest difference when we’re involved from the planning stage of a project.

    Our strategic insight at the earliest opportunity has proven time and time again to help projects meet energy use and emissions targets as well as the client’s targets on quality, value, performance and programme. This follows through the project with a delivery model which ensures the Client sees these realised in the completed development.

    Project teams

    Each project needs the right blend of skills. The teams we assemble specifically for projects have the relevant analytical, design expertise and experience gained on relevant schemes.

    Our specialists are equipped with the most sophisticated modelling and simulation software available, allowing them to analyse precise building forms and fabric and push design boundaries to their maximum.

    You’ll always know exactly what’s happening; we believe team work and open communication to be absolutely essential in all our work.