• RIBA Accredited CPD Seminars

    Hilson Moran offers six RIBA-acredited CPD sessions as outlined below

    Seminar 1. A Description of the Environmental and Services Design for 30 St Mary Axe

    30 St Mary Axe CFD images

    This seminar outlines Hilson Moran’s role on the iconic 30 St Mary Axe from project inception to completion. It provides a potted history of the project’s design starting with the site considerations and how the form of the building was developed, drawing on lessons learned from other high-rise, environmentally progressive designs through to the design of the skin, systems and workplaces.

    Seminar 2. An Independent Introduction to the Design of Lifts

    Lift Well 750

    An introduction to the key aspects of designing and specifying vertical transportation systems, this seminar provides an understanding of the impact of decisions early on in the design process and an overview of relevant legislation and codes. It also gives an insight into current technology and future developments.

    Seminar 3. The Road to Zero Carbon Buildings


    How can a 1 million sq ft office in the City be “Zero Carbon”? What is a Fabric and Energy efficiency standard? All new buildings will need to be “Zero Carbon” by 2019 but what does this mean in terms of design and operation? This CPD examines the key legislation driving the decarbonisation of the UK building stock, the key design considerations, potential design pit falls and identifies opportunities for the whole design team.

    Seminar 4. Acoustipedia

    Sound Wave 750

    This is a fun and informative introduction to relevant acoustic principles using audio demonstrations and practical project examples.

    Each attendee will receive their own Acoustipedia, a CD-based interactive encyclopaedia of acoustics.

    Seminar 5 – Achieving BREEAM Excellent


    Hilson Moran challenges the commonly held belief that BREEAM is a tick box exercise. Regardless of whether the driver is a planning condition or a client requirement, in the right hands, BREEAM is a useful design tool for the client and design team alike. This CPD takes a graphical journey through the requirements of BREEAM and demonstrates the key design features needed to achieve BREEAM Excellent and beyond.

    Seminar 6 – Two 99’s but No Flake – BS 9999 Fire Engineering Code of Practice

    Fire Sign 750

    An introduction to BS 9999; a code of practice for fire safety, which replaces the BS 5588 series of standards and provides an alternative approach to the Approved Document B. This seminar examines the principles adopted by the standard, using a hypothetical example to derive the relevant fire precautions.