• 25 Bank Street, London, UK - Data Centre

    25 Bank Street Exterior 750

    The data centre within the Lehman Bros European Headquarters comprised four data halls totalling 3,500m2 supported by Tier 3 resilient infrastructure.

    Cooling was by down flow close control air conditioning units located within service corridors for ease of maintenance, along with the power distribution units and other infrastructure. The data halls were served by a tenants critical chilled water system and the base building chilled water systems with N+2 redundancy from each system, thereby providing 2N+2 overall. Hot aisle/cold aisle air distribution strategy was employed.

    Duplicate, resilient, A & B electrical services supported the IT equipment, sized to support initial loads, with flexibility for future growth. PDU’s were fed from two UPS sources with each IT cabinet served from dual supplies from different PDU’s to enhance resilience. The building was served by two diverse MV (11,000V) power supplies and standby generators providing N+1 support to the building. Three UPS systems were installed with N+1 redundancy within each stream.

    CLIENT: Canary Wharf Group / Lehman Brothers
    ARCHITECT: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects