• Broadcast & Production Facilities, Media City, Libya - Data Centre

    Media City Libya broadcasting building

    The LJBC required a high level of technical specification and resilience for the extension of their Broadcast Facility to attract international broadcasters. The design provided 13,000m2 of accommodation for four TV channels & four Radio channels as well as back-up broadcast and training facilities

    The electrical system included duplicate MV main switchboards and packaged substations arranged in linked pairs with a fed from each MV switchboard. Local network constraints meant only one MV supply was available and therefore the entire facility is supported by a MV standby generation system rated at 100% load with N+1resilience.

    To support critical loads within the building two static UPS systems are provided each with N+1 resilience. Each system is rated at 1,600kVA and serves the studio equipment, cooling and ventilation for the TV and Radio channels. Air cooled liquid chillers cater for the buildings cooling load requirement on an N+1 basis. The resilience requirements of a separate production facility, needing electrical backup only during live shows, are met by 4no. 2,000kVA prime rated mobile generators with the local 11kV network used as the standby supply.

    Client: LJBC/ECOU
    Architect: AU Studio / Consarc