• ICAP, 1-2 Broadgate, London, UK - Data Centre


    ICAP relies upon resilient infrastructure in order to maintain its key position in the Financial Markets. Trading floors are the core of the business, with desk layout flexibility being of paramount importance so each commodity desk can expand and contract to suit market conditions. The Engineering Services have to accommodate this flexibility.

    The trading floors are supported by a Main Equipment Room and secondary comms Rooms via a dual redundant 2N power and IT infrastructure. The equipment room, comms rooms and trading floors are fed by a multi-module N+2 rotary UPS system, distributed via the 2N cable infra-structure and power distribution units to the under floor bus bar layout arranged to maximise resilience and flexibility.

    Cooling is by multiple on-floor chillers configured N+1. The chilled water is distributed to a high level fan coil unit installation on the trading floors in order to service the high cooling load created by the high occupancy density and desk small power loads.

    Client: ICAP
    Architect: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects