• New York Stock Exchange Euronext - Data Centre

    NYSE Euronext exterior overall

    One of the largest stand alone centres in the UK providing over 55,700m2 of floor space over two floors. Seven 800m2 data halls are provided at first floor level with the mechanical and electrical plant beneath them on the ground floor. The services are highly resilient, achieving Tier 4 rating and have been designed on a modular basis to allow future expansion to an ultimate electrical and cooling capacity that will support 15,600kW of processing load.

    Central Cooling Plant

    NYSE Euronext roof view ventilation

    Cooling was provided utilising air cooled ‘free cooling’ chillers located in an external plant farm. The cooling installation comprises two independent ‘A & B’ chiller installations to provide central cooling resilience of 2N. Each chiller installation provides the building load plus a spare, to provide 2N+1 overall resilience. The design catered for a modular build out with the infrastructure sized to accommodate the ultimate load. An ice storage system provides additional resilience.

    Data Hall Cooling

    The data halls are primarily cooled by an all air CRAC units installed in plant rooms running the length of each hall and providing 2N+1 resilience with cooled air ducted via the floor void. Chilled water to the units is distributed via A&B secondary chilled water circuits at high level ground floor from dedicated A&B circuit pump plant rooms located at ground floor. Each chilled water pump plant room is provided with N+1 pumps and the provision for additional future load is built into the distribution circuits to allow for water cooled high density cabinets.

    Electricity Supply and Distribution

    NYSE Euronext engine room

    Power to the site is provided via two independent 33KV high voltage services feeding 33/11KV transformers. Power is distributed at 11KV via diversely routed services to HV switchboards distributed throughout the site. 11/0.4KV transformers feed LV switchboards that serve the UPS installations, chillers farms and support accommodation. 5 No 2.25 MVA generators provide high voltage emergency power backup at day 1 expandable to 14 No 2.25 MVA generators for future loads. The generator control systems are capable of synchronisation with the DNO electrical supply and incorporate dual control systems.

    UPS System

    NYSE Euronext

    Each data hall is provided with two separate UPS systems to provide a true 2N installation. 3 x 625KVA UPS modules provide 1,250KVA N + 1, expandable to 6 x 625KVA modules in each data hall to meet the modular build out criteria. UPS power is distributed to PDUs fitted with static switches. From each PDU power circuits are distributed at high level to provide 2N resilience to each cabinet. Separate 2N UPS systems provide power to all critical mechanical plant and a load bank installation is provided to enable each UPS system to be tested on load.

    Client: NYSE Euronext