• Trinity Mirror Group, Various Locations - Data Centre


    Hilson Moran has carried out many projects for Trinity Mirror Group, providing high resilience engineering services systems to support business critical functions. Examples include the data centre within their Canary Wharf headquarters, extensive technology rooms and editorial floors, the highly resilient mechanical and electrical systems within the latter including not only UPS support and duplicate electrical supplies to all critical equipment but also separate back up air conditioning systems to enable continuous operation, independent of any loss of base building systems.

    A television studio has been designed to provide continuous live broadcasting to TV networks. In this case the mechanical and electrical systems were required to be highly resilient and the air conditioning had to meet exceptionally low noise level criteria to suit the broadcasting requirements.

    Hilson Moran has also designed press buildings incorporating the latest technology, in which Trinity Mirror print newspapers and magazines for themselves and third parties prior to distribution to customers.

    CLIENT: Trinity Mirror Group
    ARCHITECT: MCM / SOM /David Connor International /Lyons Architects