• Building Services - Design


    We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve the commercial and financial aims of any brief, while providing innovative solutions that meet the sophisticated demands on our buildings. We adopt a holistic approach so that the various engineering systems work in unison.

    We eliminate and mitigate risk, through modelling the building design within a virtual 3D environment and testing and fine-tuning our solutions. This also often shortens construction programmes and saves money.

    By creating a 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) collaborative environment which holds all design, equipment and system information, we can test changes quickly and collate all information centrally. This approach also provides a model for contractors to use during construction and, ultimately, for the ongoing management of the building.

    Extensive use is made of the latest design software to rigorously test and examine the performance of our buildings during the design stage, ensuring functional and cost effective solutions are developed.

    Our clients benefit from a dedicated project director and project coordinator allocated to their schemes, making communication streamlined and simple. With multidisciplinary design teams that have worked on numerous projects together across all sectors, and with a confidence that we’ll deliver the very best building services solutions, clients can put their project in our safe hands.

    To make sure we’re always improving, all our designs are independently assessed by internal assessors as part of our quality management procedures.