• Vertical Transportation - Design


    We design passenger lifts, fire fighting lifts, goods elevators and escalators for every conceivable type of building.

    Using state-of-the-art traffic-handling software, we predict vertical traffic flow and assess the performance characteristics of alternative design solutions. We work closely with the entire building design and engineering team to provide people movement solutions that respond to the intended building use and work to optimise the building core, which is key to maximising net to gross floor area ratios, adding real value to the design process.

    Our lift design team has decades of experience, designing all forms of lift installations from simple systems to the largest high-speed vertical transportation systems for high-rise buildings, using technologies such as double-deck lifts or twin lifts within common shafts. We also assess the merits of different control strategies in order to optimise waiting intervals and passenger-handling capacity.

    Our facade access design consultants combine technical depth of knowledge with creativity to ensure that every aspect of external vertical access and every aspect of building design affected by this, from plant room location to facade materials, is comprehensively covered.

    When it comes to refurbishing existing buildings, the detailed practical knowledge of our design team gained across the globe ensures the most thorough inspections of lift installations. We advise you on the extent of modernisation required to comply with current codes and standards. It's independent advice you can rely on, and it means you can make informed decisions about the scope of work necessary and the best balance between lifecycle economy and safe and reliable operation.

    We're there to hand-hold throughout any new building design or refurbishment process; dealing with any queries that arise on site, overseeing lift and escalator testing and commissioning, and making sure that any vertical transport systems are live and serviceable in line with project timelines. We also minimise disruption to building works and the on-going operation of the building.