• Acoustics - Manage


    Our expert knowledge of in-use acoustic issues – such as sound insulation and air leakage informs our planning and design advice for new buildings prior to construction.

    In existing buildings, noise management is often a challenge so we apply our comprehensive knowledge, creative problem-solving and precision testing to solve all sorts of acoustical issues for our clients. We’re often asked, for example, to address meeting room privacy.

    For residential and retail developments, we provide acoustic criteria for tenancy agreements, to avoid noise break-out issues further down the line, and to ensure that tenants maintain the landlord’s planning obligations in terms of building services noise.

    Our acoustic insight is critical in plant replacement, and we provide precise calculations and analysis to ensure any new plant does not contravene local authority planning requirements.

    We also provide assessments and advice to employers looking to fulfil their obligations in relation to the Noise and Vibration at Work Regulations.