• Building Services – Manage


    A building’s engineering systems have a shorter lifespan than its fabric, so their future replacement needs to be considered within the initial design phase. All of our building services designs are supported by a complete plant replacement strategy that considers the ongoing operational needs of the building and its users.

    To ensure a design that fulfils operational and functional needs, and simplifies the management of the building long-term, we scrutinise the brief and develop a solution that has been interrogated and challenged by both our engineering and facilities management experts.

    You will benefit from our depth and breadth of engineering knowledge and building in-use skill. Our 3D virtual modelling capability also allows for controlled, continuous building services management by adding asset and maintenance information.

    In line with our Environments for Life philosophy, we offer training and post-occupancy advice on all our building services designs. By remaining involved with our clients and the end user, we can ensure our designs are implemented, optimised and monitored – and therefore perform at their optimum level.

    Our facilities management team also undertakes post-occupancy evaluations, using their real-world experience of the typical types of engineering issues seen further down the line, and the impact they can have on building users. This integrated approach means we can foresee and pre-empt any concerns, for a smoother-running facility.