• Sustainability – Manage


    Sustainable buildings give you many advantages. When a building’s operating and maintenance requirements are explored during the preliminary design phase, we can create improved working environments which lead to higher staff productivity, reduced energy consumption and resource costs and fewer system failures.


    We encourage building operators and facilities maintenance teams to take an active role in the design and development phases. This involvement makes it easier for designers to specify the best materials and systems to simplify and reduce building maintenance requirements, by using less water, energy and toxic chemicals, being easier to clean, more cost-effective in operation and with reduced lifecycle costs.

    Wherever possible, we try to include meters which track sustainability initiatives such as energy, water and waste reduction and recycling to encourage proactive monitoring and drive further improvement.

    Our post-occupancy sustainability consultancy is aimed at refreshing existing buildings and improving indoor environmental quality, making efficient use of natural resources and minimising waste of all kinds. Our post-occupancy evaluation assessment provides measured feedback to inform operational changes which can make a real difference to the cost and sustainability of building maintenance and operation.