• Vertical Transportation - Manage


    Our lift, escalator and facade access engineers give building owners and managers complete assurance and peace of mind that their vertical transportation services are maintained, not just in accordance with their service agreements and in line with extensive statutory requirements that govern the installation and maintenance of elevators and the like, but also to the highest possible standards.

    We prepare and review lifecycle plans to identify maintenance needs and possible upgrades as part of modernisation and replacement works for years to come. The plans are a fundamental tool in the management of services and the best way of avoiding disruptive surprises.

    Our vertical transport management services include:

    • Maintenance audits and reviews to ensure that any work meets contractual and statutory requirements as well as the operational requirements for the building
    • Procurement of maintenance contracts to give building owners and managers the best possible value and service
    • Investigation and assessment of all possible options when lifts, escalators and facade access equipment is nearing the end of its useful operating lifespan
    • Assessing lifts, escalators and facade access systems as part of: condition surveys, dilapidation reports, pre-acquisition surveys, service audits, disabled access reviews and expert witness work.

    We can work in conjunction with our own facilities management group as part of an integrated building management contract or independently with your in-house facilities teams.

    Our aim is to ensure that everyone, from the operators of single buildings to large corporations with an international portfolio of buildings, is getting the very best performance from their vertical transportation systems. We're confident that there's no other team of lift and escalator consultants more thorough or more knowledgeable.