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BREEAM 2014 - What do you need to know?

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C Birch

Chris Birch, Director of Sustainability, discusses what you need to know about BREEAM New Construction 2014.

Following ongoing feedback and consultations with BREEAM assessors, specifiers, industry bodies, and other stakeholders, BREEAM New Construction 2014 has now launched. The scheme applies to new buildings only, and includes shell only, shell and core (including Cat A buildings). A non-domestic refurbishment scheme covering refurbishment, first fit-out, fit-out and building remodelling, will be released in late 2014.

Of particular note, BREEAM 2014 has removed the green lease requirements for shell only and shell and core (including Cat A) assessments.

It should be noted however that Ene 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions can require a contractually agreed green fit-out agreement; or the minimum requirements set out in relevant national Building Regulations must therefore be assumed. Using the minimum requirements set out in the Building Regulations may result in a failure to achieve the mandatory requirements for an ‘Excellent’ rating (5 credits) or for an ‘Outstanding’ rating (8 credits).

BREEAM QuoteBuildings that are shell only or shell and core will have a specific certificate awarded. The credit requirements are tailored to the type of scheme assessed, and as such, the section weightings will change compared to a building that is fully operational upon completion of the works. In order to obtain a full BREEAM certification, each tenant would be required to carry out a BREEAM non-domestic refurbishment assessment for its fit-out works. 

BREEAM 2014 consists of nine categories (the same as BREEAM 2011) with number of updates to credits, as well as a re-ordering of credit codes in certain sections; the majority of which are within the management section. Best practice standards have been updated to the majority of credits to follow best practice guidance from leading bodies in the industry such as BSRIA, CIBSE, British Standards, and UKGBC etc. There are also a number of new credits focused on material resources, climate change and future proofing buildings. 

These include:

Ene 04 Low carbon design

Focusing on energy efficiency and passive measures as well as low or zero carbon technologies. Energy strategies must now clearly follow the energy hierarchy and include all passive measures.

Mat 05 Designing for durability and resilience

To recognise and encourage adequate protection of exposed elements of the building and landscape, therefore minimising the frequency of replacement and maximising materials optimisation.

Mat 06 Material efficiency

To recognise and encourage measures to optimise material efficiency in order to minimise environmental impact of material use and waste. This can be demonstrated though following ‘BS 8895 Designing for material efficiency in building projects’ and ‘WRAP’ designing out waste workshops.


Wst 05 Adaption to climate change

To recognise and encourage measures taken to mitigate the impact of extreme weather conditions arising from climate change over the lifespan of the building. The credit requires production of a climate change adaptation strategy/risk assessment.


Wst 06 Functional adaptability

To recognise and encourage measures taken to accommodate future changes of use of the building over its lifespan. A building-specific functional adaptation strategy study is required.

Hilson Moran has a team of dedicated sustainability consultants, including licensed BREEAM Assessors and BREEAM Accredited Professional who can provide advice on BREEAM and guidance on achieving credits. Scheme registrations closed for BREEAM 2011 on the 30th June 2014.


I am bringing a industrial project forward that has a requirement to achieve BREEAM Excellent and may need to obtain the points Waste 05, can you let me have a fee proposal for producing this.

Posted by: Tony Harris ( Parkway Construction MK Ltd ) at 04/08/2015 14:20

Hello Tony, one of your Sustainability Department will be in contact with you shortly. Regards
Posted by: Administrator at 26/08/2015 14:28

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