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Encouraging the next generation of engineers

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Farai Mwashita, Mechanical Design Engineer at Hilson Moran, recently took part in a ‘Meet the Professional’ day organised by STEMNET London at Riddlesdown Collegiate in South London. The aim of the day was to give 6th form students insight into a career in engineering and inspire them for their future studies. The interactive session gave students the chance to ask Farai questions, who was able to draw on her experience and explain the various engineering career options available.

Farai said: “I took this opportunity because I am an avid promotor of engineering, particularly now that there is a shortage of engineers in the industry. Personal development and growth are integral to Hilson Moran’s company ethos and I hope my enthusiasm and commitment to the field inspired the next generation of young engineers.”

STEMNET London was established to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through working with schools and employers. As STEM Ambassadors, Hilson Moran is using its extensive industry knowledge to motivate and inspire budding young engineers.

STEM ambassadors at Riddlesdown Collegiate

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