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Hilson Moran features strongly in Building magazine’s Top 20

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[21/11/2011] Multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Hilson Moran was named the 18th largest UK engineering consultancy in Building Magazine’s Top 100 Engineers survey, up from 22 in 2010. It also ranked 35 overall in the Top 200 Consultants list, from 48th place last year and was named the 15th fastest growing company in the Top 100 fastest growing companies list. “Building magazine’s Top 200 survey is an important annual barometer, both of the state of the economy and construction industry, but also of the relative health of its component firms,” said Hilson Moran managing director Chris Plummer. “We have worked hard to drive efficiency in our business over the last few years and have focused heavily on adding value to our clients, helping them with their short and long-term requirements as part of a strong and ongoing partnership. Our success in the tables is testament to our approach,” he added.

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