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The Developing City Exhibition finishes after attracting thousands of visitors

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Grow Up BannerThe Developing City Exhibition drew to a close last month after its nine week run at the Walbrook Building in the heart of the City of London. The exhibition looked at the past and present of the City along with three visions for the square mile in 2050. Hilson Moran joined forces with Brookfield, Woods Bagot and Cornwell to develop Grow Up 2050, a vision of the City where buildings will become taller, focused on the east of the City, to accommodate for a rise in employment as well as providing better public space at ground level.

The exhibition attracted over 9,500 visitors over the nine weeks including attendees to the breakfast talks, walking tours and curator tours. John Deasy, Commercial Director UK at Hilson Moran said: “We are pleased to have been involved with such a successful exhibition about the City which is developing around us. In the current economic climate the exhibition gave an exciting platform for the City to present the current developments taking places as well as our vision for 2050 becoming an inspirational topic of conversation both at the exhibition and on our dedicated Twitter account, @growup2050, which provided a platform for further discussion to take place”.

To read more about the Hilson Moran, Brookfield, Woods Bagot and Cornwall vision for the City in 2050, please click here.


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