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Wearables Hackathon

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Last night, Hilson Moran held the first of our Emerging Technology Hackathons, a series of workshops where teams of guests from the industry are asked to explore how new developments in technology might affect construction and the built environment. The series forms part of Future Forty – a year of events and activities in celebration of Hilson Moran’s forty years in practice. 

The subject of the first Hackathon was Wearable Technologies. Following a short presentation on Wearables by Hilson Moran’s Head of Research and Development, Dan Jestico, three teams of bright young sparks from the industry workshopped, discussed, imagined and visualised how wearable technologies might change the way that people interact with the built environment over the next 40 years.

Each team then made a presentation to our judging panel; Jason Hawthorne from Wagstaffs, Clare Murray from Levitt Bernstein along with Hilson Moran’s Dan Jestico and Stuart Bridges; before a winning team was chosen and presented with some magnificent plastic medals, a bar of chocolate and a certificate!

Interestingly, two teams came up with very similar ideas – PPE with integrated technologies which would improve efficiency, safety and, in one case, deliver live CPD on construction sites. The winning team ‘Team BETA Testers’ came up with an idea which used VR to make us more efficient and free up time for leisure.

An up to date list of our upcoming Future Forty events can be found here. For further information on our programme or to participate in any of our events, please email Emilie Lemons, Head of Marketing and Communications:


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