• Air Quality

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    Under European law, Local Authorities have a statutory duty to monitor and improve the air quality within their jurisdiction through the implementation of Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). Most authorities internationally have now declared AQMAs and require that Planning Applications for major development schemes are accompanied by an Air Quality Assessment report.

    Uniquely, Hilson Moran combines a knowledge of building performance and innovative ventilation technology, with an understanding of the atmospheric sciences and planning legislation. We can mobilise the latest technology to obtain a sound understanding of the baseline air quality at the development site.

    To assess the air quality impact of the proposed scheme in future years, we utilise the latest atmospheric dispersion models such as ADMS to predict the ambient concentrations of pollutants resulting from both fixed plant and vehicles.

    Where necessary, Hilson Moran can provide advice on low emissions technology and abatement solutions to overcome planning issues at an early stage in the design process.