• Building Services - Plan


    Our aim is to provide flexibility and the best possible solution for our clients, whether they are developing, occupying or selling a site. From services infrastructure for masterplans through to building services for new developments, we offer strategic advice in relation to performance, comfort, efficiency, energy use and the environment with scope for future design development.

    Hilson Moran understands and embraces the opportunities within masterplanning to address and optimise energy and water efficiencies. This, together with the need for close liaison with the local authorities, is central to developing effective services infrastructure solutions.

    For buildings, it is at the earliest stages where we can add the most value; developing considered designs in conjunction with the building form and envelope and testing alternative solutions against the brief to ensure that the building services enhance and meet the commercial, aesthetic, operational, functional and technical requirements.

    A building’s spatial efficiency has a major impact on any scheme’s viability and, by applying innovative engineering solutions; we can make a real difference. Mistakes or poor judgement at the early stages can have far-reaching consequences and be difficult and costly to resolve; so our clients value the strategic insight of our highly experienced building services engineers and consultants from the outset.

    With expertise and experience in every sector, a track record of working on enormously complex and niche buildings and a depth and breadth of resource to handle any building service need, clients can rest assured that their buildings have been well considered from the outset.