• Fire Engineering - Plan


    Involving first-rate fire engineering expertise at the planning stages of a development becomes more important the larger the project. We have international experience in developing fire engineering solutions for all types of buildings.

    At the masterplanning stage, the input from our fire engineers is just as important. At this stage we are able to advise on the constraints relating to fire spread between buildings, fire service access requirements and means-of-escape principles, including the evacuation of large numbers of people. We develop site-wide fire prevention and escape strategies for clients, regulators and the design team.

  • Fire Strategy Development

    In close coordination with the design team, our fire engineers design a comprehensive fire safety strategy to cover all aspects of the fire safety design process, from planning through to statutory approval. The scope of each fire strategy is tailored precisely to each project and typically includes:

    • Detection and alarm
    • Means of escape
    • Structural fire resistance
    • Fire compartmentalisation
    • External fire spread
    • Fire service access and facilities
    • Sprinkler protection
    • Smoke control

    We also cover all statutory fire safety requirements, including any regional variations in local acts, such as Section 20 for London.

  • Fire Engineered Solutions

    Our creativity and broad fire safety experience comes into its own where the required design can't meet the standard guidance, or where a more economically efficient design is necessary. Our knowledge means we can still develop fire engineered solutions that comply with statutory regulations, using analysis from first principles and sophisticated tools, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and evacuation modelling.