• Vertical Transportation


    Our vertical transportation group provides creative and dependable specialist advice, design and management for all aspects of vertical transportation: lifts, escalators and facade access equipment.

    We've assembled a team of experts with years of experience gained within lift and escalator manufacturing and consultancy, and provide vertical transportation advice either as part of a complete engineering services design or as an independent service.

    As with every other Hilson Moran engineering service, we don't just walk away once design is complete; we monitor installations for our clients, witness testing and commissioning and offer a comprehensive range of supplementary services to make sure operations continue to run smoothly.

    We also make sure we have a detailed knowledge of current best practice, new codes and market trends. We keep a close watch on impending global and European legislation, so we can provide designs that anticipate future requirements and make sure our clients' buildings are safe, compliant and as environmentally friendly as possible.

    We research the latest design techniques and emerging software and technology, so our solutions represent the latest thinking and technology, whether we're advising during the planning stages of building projects or carrying out vertical transportation design and management.