• Demolition & Construction – Noise, Vibration & Dust Monitoring


    The requirement for noise, vibration and dust monitoring of demolition and construction sites is becoming increasingly common.

    Local Authorities often require that monitoring be undertaken before work commences on site in order to establish baseline levels. Continuous long-term monitoring can then be required for the duration of the site activities.

    Hilson Moran Acoustics provides a comprehensive and convenient service throughout the works, including:

    • Baseline monitoring
    • Liaison with Local Authority prior to and throughout the site works, to agree suitable methodologies limits
    • Continuous long-term monitoring
      • Fully automated equipment
      • Remote downloads
      • Internally-powered (no long, obtrusive power cables)
      • Convenient, secure positions, agreed with the contractor
      • Flexible site visits, to suit the contractor
    • Detailed reporting and guidance on mitigation measures

    Our state-of the art equipment and detailed experience of Local Authority requirements and measurement methodologies allow us to provide project-specific, dependable monitoring solutions.