• Acoustics - Design


    Whether your project is a new build or refurbishment, we can provide clear acoustic design advice.

    Involvement at the design stage means we can influence architectural and building services acoustics, eliminating the need for costly fixes later. We can also ensure that our recommendations are in harmony with the aesthetic, mechanical and structural requirements.

    When you need to understand the acoustic principles involved, we can demonstrate them using 3D computer modelling, simulations or audio demonstrations.

  • Architectural Acoustics

    Acoustic design of architectural elements is critical. It allows for concentration and communication in schools; productivity and collaboration in office environments; relaxation, privacy and undisturbed sleep in hotels; quality of life in residential schemes; and an enjoyable experience in leisure developments.

    We help clients manage noise. In residential and school buildings, it is subject to Building Regulations and, in all environments, good speech intelligibility and control of reverberant noise is crucial. High noise levels are invariably a nuisance, but too little noise will fail to mask noise from other areas.

    We ensure the acoustic specification of the external façades and the internal structures are fit-for-purpose. We also weave effective acoustic treatments into the design from the start to maintain the right internal noise levels.

    We provide acoustic design input for all manner of use, from construction and demolition sites to multi-purpose halls and specialist healthcare buildings.

  • Building Services Acoustics

    You can’t control building services noise and vibration without a detailed understanding of the systems, as well as an appreciation of the implications of incorporating acoustic treatments.

    We provide practical, coordinated advice on all acoustic aspects of building services, including controlling fan and air noise in ventilation ducts, controlling noise from terminal cooling devices, attenuation of plant noise to the development surroundings (often a planning and BREEAM requirement), specification of vibration control measures, and plant-room construction advice.