• Fire Engineering - Design


    Our fire engineering team devises fire safety strategies and designs fire detection and fire suppression systems for buildings in every sector.

    We work in close collaboration with the architects and design engineers early in the design process to create the safest and most aesthetically pleasing fire safety solutions. In this way, we can overcome the challenges of space restriction and coordination with other building services, and account for all architectural and structural requirements.

    We design bespoke conventional and analogue addressable fire detection and alarm systems, including voice evacuation, firemen’s telephones, air aspiration networks and standalone systems, to British and International standards.

    Fire protection systems are bespoke to the building and the individual purpose of each room. We design and advise on all sorts of active fire protection systems and their component parts, including:

    • Pre action systems
    • Deluge systems
    • Foam systems
    • Water mist
    • Gaseous extinguishing
    • Special hazard protection
    • Wet and dry risers
    • Hose reels and hydrants

    We give you complete peace of mind by taking care of all legislative, insurance and regulatory matters, liaising closely with your insurance representatives, district surveyors, fire officers and other planning authorities to make sure any design complies with all statutory conditions and building regulations.

    We’re familiar with the commercial restraints often imposed on new buildings and always investigate and evaluate all options to identify the most cost-effective solution. We review the equipment and materials market regularly, evaluating new products as they become available and arranging performance testing to assess their benefits.

    We are familiar with British Standards, FPA/LPC Sprinkler rules, the National Fire Protection Association and Factory Mutual Global fire regulations.