• Security - Design


    Our vision is to design-in ‘blended' security through specialised technique, features and innovative products that complement the ‘look and feel’ of the overall design and project approach.

    Functional layers including landscaping,

    signage, perimeter functions, vehicle mitigation, operational guarding strategies to integrated high performance electronic security systems are methodically designed through a rationalised design process. Definitive performance requirements and technical specifications ensure effective deliverables and a smooth installation process.

    Our security systems designers will advise and work closely with your in-house teams to understand how you want your systems and people to operate. The ability to remove ‘human error’ is critical to the likelihood or positive outcome of an incident. Design stage considerations include:

    • ‘Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design’ approach
    • Deception and risk removal/transfer methodology
    • Vulnerability reduction
    • Overt / covert perimeter protection (structural defences, HVM, fencing, gating, glazed façades, fencing, landscaping)
    • Perimeter and internal intruder detection systems
    • Asset protection target hardening
    • Security control room design and command and control systems
    • Integrations of electronic security systems
    • IP analytical surveillance systems
    • Intelligent access control solutions and smart user interfacing
    • Counter-surveillance measures (TCSM)
    • Integrated electronic communications for security and safety
    • Security manned guarding and executive protection consultancy

    Our Hilson Moran engineering disciplines such as our intelligent buildings team, fire engineering specialists, building services engineers and facilities management experts can complement the security design and aid integration to other building systems and environments