• Plan

    Our clients demand effective solutions, value and the smooth progress of their projects and whatever the scheme, its eventual success will be fundamentally affected by the early phases.

    Our team of experts guide our clients through this crucial stage, helping develop optimum solutions while negotiating ever evolving legislation, more demanding planning policies and regulatory requirements.

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  • Our Planning Services

    We interrogate and help develop the brief, making sure you capitalise fully on the opportunities available, and provide advice to ensure we add value to your asset and minimise or positively enhance its impact on the environment.

    We’ve worked on some of the most challenging and difficult sites, achieving planning consents, and we’ve delivered some of the most complex engineering solutions in new and refurbished properties.

    Our environmental consultants, building performance experts and engineering staff work in close collaboration, so our ideas, designs and innovation are always commercially deliverable, viable and avoid unnecessary risk.


    Building Services – Plan

    Our aim is to provide flexibility and the best possible solution for our clients, whether they are developing, occupying or selling a site.

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    Sustainability – Plan

    At Hilson Moran, we approach masterplanning and urban regeneration with the primary aim of creating the right conditions for long-term socio-economic development.


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    Vertical Transportation – Plan

    The vertical transportation strategy has a fundamental impact on the layout of any building. Without the involvement of vertical transportation consultants at the earliest stages of brief scoping and building planning...

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    Intelligent Buildings – Plan

    We take the time to listen and gather all of the information we need to understand your aspirations for the project so we can accurately outline the requirements and benefits that you need from the building system.

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    Acoustics – Plan

    Detailed noise and vibration assessments are essential in demonstrating that any new development won’t cause a nuisance to its surroundings, that the site is acoustically suitable for its purpose and that planning can therefore be granted.


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    Security – Plan

    Security is high on the agenda for many of our clients. We make sure our security assessments include a review of existing operating procedures and evaluate the threat and risk to a site or premises so it can be mitigated and managed.

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    Fire Engineering – Plan

    Involving first-rate fire engineering expertise at the planning stages of a development becomes more important the larger the project.

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    Structural Engineering – Plan

    Structural engineering and civil engineering are integral to building design. The more complex the structure involved, the greater the role the structural engineering team plays in planning, design and materials specification.

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    Facilities Management – Plan

    Ensuring your facilities management is effective is a requirement from the very outset of the property planning stage. Our team can help to refine a project brief to ensure that the right services can be provided... 


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    The development of Revit MEP in recent years now allows us to create detailed data rich 3D design models, allowing us to truly collaborate with architects, structural engineers and other members of the design team in a 3D centric common data environment.

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