• Intelligent Buildings


    We design and develop intelligent buildings; where the environment and operation is controlled in the most efficient manner to benefit our client - the developer, owner or occupant.

    The technical infrastructure acts as the building’s central nervous system, controlling systems and collecting data from multiple sensors, before analysing it through a central processing unit, and making fine adjustments to optimise operation and efficiency.

    Our team of intelligent buildings consultants, each a specialist in their area (IT and communications, controls, audiovisual and security and access controls), work together to devise and develop bespoke systems. They operate within a communications infrastructure based around proven IT technology, sharing information and providing a platform for smooth operation 24/7.

    Intelligent buildings are energy and resource efficient, non-polluting and non-wasteful, flexible, adaptable and easy to operate. They are also easy to implement, manage and control. The end result is an environment which ensures enhanced comfort levels and is conducive to increased levels of interaction, collaboration and work productivity.